LLM-01 Laser aiming device targetmarker laser light module Laseraimingdevice aiminglaser aiming laser

Laser Light Module 01 (LLM01) manufactured by OERLIKON Contraves

Main Distributor for ITALY and POLAND

Laser Aiming Device


Laser Light Module 01 (LLM01)







LLM01 is a small arms active aiming device for rapid, accurate, day and night firing and pop-up target and for situational awareness after dark or in dark spaces.

....The LLM01 features

  • A target marker in the near infrared region

  • A target illuminator in the near-infrared region;

  • A visible red target marker;

  • A with light high-intensity fkashlight with red and infrared filter accessories to cover all tactical situations.

The LLM01 is fastened to its weapon´s via an integral quick.clamping weapon adapter.

The device maintains alignment even after repeated removal and fastening events from the same weapon.

The LLM01 is a microprocessor-configurabe, user-friendly, rugged, combat proven aiming aid indispensible to the warfighter and lawenforcer engaged in difficult tactical solutions where the first shot on the right target must count.

Procured by numerous Inernational Special Forces and Law Enforcement outfits and employed in combat to their full satisfaction.

Technical Data

IR Target  Marker

IR Target Illuminator

Visible Red Target Laser Flashlight
Wavelenghth 850 nm 880 nm 650 nm white light


0,44 mW ca.25 mW 5 mW 8 W
Laser Class 1 3A 3R -
Total range in daylight / darkness >200m w/night vision device <= 10 m w/night vision device < 200 m/ 20 m > 10 m
Size of flash point ~15x30 mm at 25 m distance ~2x2 m at 3 m distance ~15x30 mm at 25 m distance ~2x2 m at 10 m distance
Operating time >28 h >13 h >15 h >1 h
Dimensions 86x46x58 mm (LxWxH)
Total weight <220 g incl. batteries
Operating voltage 6V, (2x3V) Lithium batteries CR 17345 or DL 123A or CR123A
Temperature -20° C to +55° C
Immersion waterproof to 10 m (Optional 20 m)








Kalaschnikow type AK-74 or AK-47 connected with LLM-01